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Spending too much time with @JackieNjoroge9 - build a real time power BI dashboard of my emails to see if I'm hitting my internal service level commitments ๐Ÿ˜‚ Charlesknight photo

A tip for academics using teams for teaching from a student. #edtech #LTHEchat Charlesknight photo

At the end of the year we need a giant context free blooper reel. #lovehe

Spotlighting now seems to on in Teams - handy if you are using it for teaching - (Right-click and spotlight).

I do not use zoom for work because it is not supported but it sounds like using it for teaching when *not* part of a SSO install is a lot of hassle of sending links, password and so on? #edtech

Surely someone has come up with a USB Red/Green light that we can have on our desktop to see if we are mute or live? (some of my headphones do this but not always in my eyelight).