What’s in my bag: Academic edition

this post is inspired by this. It’s the end of the year and I’m tired so just a bit of fun…

So in terms of getting back and forth to campus (I’ve just a cheap bag I keep in the office I keep teaching stuff in) I’ve got three options for an everyday bag.

Back and forth to work – This brown Saddleback slim briefcase – this bag will last out my career.

A picture of a brown leather briefcase.
Just wandering about…

If I need to carry more to work – this brown saddleback briefcase – you can get pretty much anything in it.

A large brown leather brief case.
Few more things to carry.. you can carry over shoulder or as backpack.

Overnight trip somewhere – This saddleback backpack – it’s like a tardis and great for two days and has a handy divider in it.

A large brown leather back-pack.
Two day trip? This is the bag – also has a divider in it you can store paper in…

In terms of pens, I’ve got two options I always carry – Parker pen and a 1970s Montblanc pen.

I’m a leftie so no ink pen for me.

I tend not to use paper but if I do write stuff down, then it has to be a red and black.

The classic

My wallet is this super-slim – The Ridge.

No fat wallet for me…

Tech is a bit more complex – around campus, it’s the Surface Go, away from campus and need to marking, an ipad (because turnitin works off-line and thus anyway).

A surface go tablet charging
My Surface Go – notice how it is charging from USB-C which adds convenience when travelling.

If it’s longer off campus and I’ve got a lot of content to write – it has to be the thinkpad x260 (soon to be upgraded to an x1 carbon) – all day (hot-swappable!) battery, every port known to (wo)man and best in class keyboard.

A picture of a black laptop - a thinkpad x260
I’d buy a macbook but I work for a living and need something where the keyboard will not fail… 😉

Now if we got into shoes and watches that could be an entirely different post but for shoes I favour brands such as Trickers like this

Trickers Woodstocks – great everyday shoe – will last for decades.

And trickers like this:

Hi! Nice to meet you, don’t worry you will not remember my name but just look out for these purple shoes at the lunch!
Today’s watch was an Oris..

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