End of Days mode (Transition to new job)

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So as I write this, I’ve got just under 4 weeks before I leave my current role at Edge Hill University Business School and take up a new role as an Associate Dean at Salford Business School.

It occurs to me that there is very little advice about the *practical* aspects of this – this is my non-definitive list of things that I need to do and might be helpful to other people and I’m going to update it as I go along – Red are suggestions from social media:

  • Export and back-up work emails (we use 0365 so relatively straight forward) – because the account will die on my final day and there are projects and contacts that are on-going
  • Export and back-up any files that I have in my work onedrive that are specific to me (eg teaching material etc).
  • Identify which contacts I have who I need to email my new email address when I get it
  • Work out what is a) being transported home, b) being skipped, c) being sent to new office
  • Raid the stationary cupboard

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